About Us

CLFMA of India is the apex organization and the voice of the country’s dynamic livestock sector. Having had illustrious leaders such as Adi Godrej at its helm as Chairmen in the past, the 50-year old industry association is recognized as one among the highly reputed in India. It currently has over 230 members representing diverse sub-sectors of animal protein value chain including feed manufacturing; poultry, dairy and aquaculture business; animal nutrition and health, veterinary services, machinery and equipment; processing, distribution and retailing of meat; and ancillary services such as banking.

Few animal feed manufacturers way back in 1964 initiated the dialogue to give organizational bent to this industry. As a result, CLFMA was formed and registered on 8th June 1967, which in 1969 was registered as a charitable public trust. The prime objective of CLFMA is helping the promotion of overall animal husbandry, by promoting the concept of balanced feeding of animals in accordance with their nutritional requirements for deriving the maximum output from them through productivity improvement.

CLFMA is fully committed to manufacturing and supplying high quality; safe and conversion-efficient animal feeds to livestock farmers at prices affordable to them.

During 2010, at the AGM held at Chandigarh, the resolution was passed to form a Sub-Committee to broad-base CLFMA of India.

It was agreed by the members present that all sectors of livestock industry should come together for the progress of the industry.

Some Of The Sectors Identified For This Purpose Are:
  • Poultry feed Manufacturers
  • Poultry Feed Additives / AHP Manufacturers
  • Hatcheries / Breeding Farms
  • Dairy Milk Processors
  • Meat Processors
  • Aqua Feed Processors
  • Aqua Processors and Exporters
  • Egg Powder Manufacturers
  • Livestock Equipment / Machinery Manufacturers / Suppliers
  • Marketing Cos. (For Livestock Branded Products)
  • Others, who are involved in livestock industry