Monthly round-up – April 2019
Dear CLFMA members and industry colleagues,
The month of April 2019, was quite good. Let me highlight some major updates / activities in the month of April 2019:
CLFMA Events Update:

Poultry Seminar at Karnal

CLMFA had a successful Seminar at Karnal in the month of April 17th. Around 200 delegates from North India, attended the Seminar. Dr. Devender Hooda, North Zone President of CLFMA welcome all delegates. I introduced CLFMA and emphasized on present situation of raw material crisis and assured further discussion with Government authority from CLFMA. Dr. Sujit Kulkarni, convener of the Program briefed the participants on the agenda and introduced technical speakers. Dr. Sudheer Rukadikar, well known Poultry Consultant, Dr. Ajay Deshpande, Poultry Entrepreneur, Dr. N.K. Mahajan, Dean of College of Dairy Science and Technology, Hisar imparted the technical knowledge to the participants of the Seminar, which was appreciated by all. PFI treasurer Mr. Ricky Thapar and North India Broiler Breeder Association President Mr.Gurminder Bisla gave short note on this Technical Seminar. From CLFMA Mr.Naveen Pasuparthy - Treasurer, Mr.Divya Kumar Gulati – Secretary, Mr. Suresh Deora – West Zone President, Dr. Saikat Saha, Mr.Balaram Bhattacharya and other CLFMA Members actively participated in the Seminar. With this, CLFMA had one more successful Poultry Seminar in series at Karnal.

We scheduled our 3rd Poultry Seminar in series at Nashik on 17th May, 2019 & 4th Poultry Seminar at Patna on 12th June, 2019.

Further, I would like to solicit your valuable inputs as well as good suggestions to improve further and achieve the newer heights.

With warm regards,
S V Bhave
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