Dear CLFMA members,
The new financial year has just commenced and at the outset, the industry is starting off on a strong and positive note. Let me share with you the highlights of the past month from CLFMA’s various activities and what we are planning ahead in this financial year 2018-19.
Policy Advocacy / Representations done by CLFMA

Industry’s requirement for LPAI vaccines

Considering the wider impact of LPAI infection in India and the importance of the LPAI vaccines, CLFMA continues to push industry’s critical requirement for approving the production of vaccines to be used in poultry farms. We have made several representations and are constantly following up with the DADF (Dept. of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries) on this matter.

Stakeholder Engagement

I3 (Industry- Institute Interaction) - With Veterinary Universities

The second in the series of Industry – Institute Interaction was organized at Veterinary College and Research Institute, Namakkal, one of the most reputed and oldest in the country. About 56 students, researchers, and faculty members participated in the session. On behalf of CLFMA, five professionals working in the industry shared their valuable experiences and learnings with the students and sensitized them about the sea of opportunities available in the private sector. They stressed the need for developing creative, inter-personal and soft skills beyond academic degrees.

Publications Update

As you are aware, we have given our flagship publication “Livestock and Feed Trends” a complete facelift in all counts including look, feel and content. The magazine covers technical and scientific aspects, policy updates, market trends, opinions from renowned experts and latest happenings in the meat, dairy, feed and livestock sector in India and globally. It reaches CLFMA's 200+ members and 400+ other diverse stakeholders in the animal-agribusiness industry from Ministers, policy makers, senior bureaucrats, top leadership of businesses, Industry associations, Chambers of Commerce, NGOs, Trade sections in various Embassies, Agricultural and Veterinary Universities, and reputed research institutes etc. Henceforth, it will be published quarterly and will continue to deliver valuable information and updates on the industry trends and developments. The latest issue is available online here

Forthcoming events by CLFMA
CFO Forum - 30 May 2018, Mumbai
I am pleased to mention that the Government of India considered our requests that we presented prior to the Union Budget. We are grateful to the Minister of Finance for considering our suggestion on improving infrastructure and announcing two schemes viz., Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund (AHIDF) and fisheries and aquaculture infrastructure development Fund (FAIDF) with the total corpus of Rs. 10000 crores. We also presented our views on Kisan Credit Card (KCC) scheme and also how private investment can be enhanced through various means including allowing higher depreciation for the expenditure made on facilities such as cold storage, machinery, etc. similar to the concessions given for the renewable energy sectors.
Events Update
Feed Additives Asia 2018 – 16 – 18 May, 2018, Bangkok

As Chairman of CLFMA, I was invited as a speaker to deliver a presentation on opportunities in the Indian animal feed and feed additive sectors at the event.

Again, I solicit your valuable comments, feedback and ideas anytime on our initiatives, publications, and events to help us remain focused on delivering value to our members and contribute to the development of the dynamic Indian animal protein sector as the premier industry association.

With warm regards,
B. Soundararajan
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