Monthly Round-up – December 2020
Dear CLFMA Members and Industry Colleagues,
CLFMA through Monthly Round Ups is updating all the activities carried out throughout the month.
Activities of CLFMA for the month of December are listed below:

SEA-AICOSCA - Cottonseed Conclave (Webinar):

On 19th December, 2020, I have attended the SEA-AICOSCA - Cottonseed Conclave (Webinar) on the topic “Development of the Cottonseed Industry and its utilization for Cottonseed Oil & Meal” as a Guest of Honour, where in I spoke on Cotton Seed Meal in detail and its usage in Poultry and Cattle & emphasized a need to SEA OF INDIA, AICOSCA and CLFMA OF INDIA to work together and address our issues jointly with Government of India. Shri.Pradeep Kumar Agarwal, CMD, The Cotton Corporation of India and Smt.Shubha Thakur, JS, Ministry of Agriculture and Welfare, Government of India, have also attended the Webinar as a Guest of Honour.

CLFMA’s Election for the year 2020-2022 have already been declared on 30th January 2021.

Also, I would like to solicit your valuable inputs and suggestions to improve further and achieve the newer heights.

With warm regards,
S V Bhave
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