Monthly Round-up – February 2021

Dear Friends,

Greetings from CLFMA OF INDIA!
Monthly Round Up for the month of February 2021 from CLFMA Chairman Mr.Neeraj Kumar Srivastava

Every two years CLFMA of India conducts election and chooses its new managing committee and office bearers. Accordingly, on February 1 st, 2021 CLFMA conducted its ‘Extra-Ordinary General Meeting & 1st Managing Committee Meeting’ and elected its New Managing Committee and Office Bearers for the period 2020-2022.

I am thankful to the esteemed members for electing me as the new Chairman and with great pleasure I announce the ‘New office bearers and Managing Committee Members’ for the year 2020-2022 as follows:

1. Chairman : Mr. Neeraj Kumar Srivastava, Novus Animal Nutrition (I) P. Ltd.

2. Dy. Chairman : Mr. Divya Kumar Gulati, Nurture Aqua Technology PVT Ltd.

3. Dy. Chairman : Mr. Sumit Sureka, Shivshakti Agro (India) Ltd.

4. Hon. Secretary : Mr. Suresh Deora, S. A. Pharmachem PVT Ltd.

5. Treasurer : Mr. Naveen Pasuparthy, Nanda Feeds PVT Ltd.

6. Immediate Past Chairman : Mr. S. V. Bhave, Berg and Schmidt India PVT Ltd.

7. Executive Director : Ms. Chandrika Venkatesh, CLFMA OF INDIA

The other members of the Managing Committee 2020 - 2022 comprises of:

8. Mr. Vijay Bhandare : Bhavani Agrovet PVT Ltd.

9. Mr. Selvan Kannan : Noveltech Feeds PVT Ltd.

10. Dr. Prashant Shinde : Cargill India PVT Ltd.

11. Mr. Anil M : KSE Limited

12. Mr. Sujit Komarla : Komarla Feeds

13. Mr. Lakshmanan : Shanthi Poultry Farm PVT Ltd.

14. Mr. Ramakanth V. Akula : The Waterbase Limited

15. Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh : Godrej Agrovet Ltd.

16. Dr. Sujit Kulkarni : Trouw Nutrition India PVT Ltd.

17. Mr. Balaram Bhattacharya : Indian Herbs Specialities PVT Ltd.

18. Mr. R. Ramkutty : Niswin Enterprises

19. Dr. Devender Hooda : Huvepharma SEA (Pune) PVT Ltd.

20. Mr. Abhay Shah : Spectoms Engineering PVT Ltd.

21. Mr. Prashant Vatkar : Godrej Tyson Foods Ltd.

22. Mr. Nissar Mohammed : Coastal Exports Corporation

23. Dr. Saikat Saha : Evonik India PVT Ltd.

24. Dr. Vijay Makhija : Intervet India PVT Ltd.

From CLFMA OF INDIA, we have communicated about the New Leadership Team 2020- 2022 to all the Government Personnel’s, Embassy, Secretaries of Agri Ministry, all known government personnel’s in Animal Husbandry Department, Fisheries Department and in Krishi Bhawan, FSSAI, BIS, Commerce Ministry and Finance Ministry.

In addition, the process of appointing the new trustees, new office bearers and concerned Elected Managing Committee Members of CLFMA OF INDIA with Charity Commissioner’s Office is in process.

I also would like to give updates about the recent activities conducted by CLFMA :

1. BIS Meeting dated 5th February 2021 attended by Dr. Prashant Shinde, Cargill.

CLFMA got an invitation to participate in the WebEx Meeting: To review NDDB’s comments on test methods prescribed in IS 2052.

This meeting was attended by our CLFMA Managing Committee & Feed Member, Dr. Prashant Shinde, Cargill.

Discussion Details:

The discussion happened on current methods allowed for routine analysis & testing method for reference (dispute) samples of compound feed. Most of the current reference methods were retained & new analytical methods were added.

A separate discussion for method of analysis of Vitamins & Trace Mineral and Aflatoxins was conducted on Feb 17,2021. The details of which are given below in Point No. 6 .

2. On 6th February 2021, I invited suggestions from CLFMA Members for the year 2020-2022 to strengthen and grow the Industry and am happy to share that we got a very good response from all CLFMA Members. Their suggestions will extremely helpful in determining the activities that CLFMA should actively engage in.

3. CLFMA Circulation on Union Budget Proposal 2021 – 2022 on 9th February 2021

A. We are happy to inform all the members, that in the Budget 2021-2022, the government has increased the duty from 5% to 15% for imported Fish Feed & Prawn Feed and retained the duty of 5% for Shrimp Larval Feed. This regulation is in alignment with the government’s policy to promote domestic (Indian Aqua Manufacturers) production especially by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) under the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat Programme’. The role of CLFMA remained instrumental in making this happen. It made several representations to the government, followed up persistently through emails and telephone calls and conducted various meetings with key decision makers by frequently visiting them in Delhi. All this hard work finally culminated into the Government considering our request in the budget 2021.

B. Regarding the Budget 2021-2022, the government asked CLFMA to give the feedbacks about the impact to farmers for raising customs duty on cotton from nil to 10% and on raw silk and silk yarn from 10% to 15%., withdrawal of end-use based concession on denatured ethyl alcohol and uniform calibration of duty structure to 15% on items like maize bran, rice bran oil cake, and animal feed additives.”
As requested by the government, CLFMA gave the following comments to the Hon’ble Secretary, AHD, Shri, Atul Chaturvedi.

On comparing the duty structure of the imported feed additives vs domestically produced feed additives, CLFMA members had mixed reactions and believed that the Government has tried to regularize the uniform tax policy structure. For some set of products, they have increased the tax from 10 to 15% and for others, the tax is reduced. Considering the increased challenges of transport cess which is close to 4% and the recent price increase due to current global situation of the feed additives, the overall cost has increased to the tune of minimum 25 to 30%, hence the beneficial effect of this tax structure reduction is not going to get passed on to our farmers / feed millers and consumers resulting into the nullified effect. CLFMA will continuously work with the government for the benefit of the Livestock Industry.

4. 12th February 2021 – CLFMA Visioning Exercise 2021

CLFMA conducted online Meeting with CLFMA Office Bearers on 12th February 2021. It was attended by Mr. Neeraj Srivastava, Mr. Divya Kumar Gulati, Deputy Chairman, Mr. Suresh Deora, Secretary, Mr. S. V. Bhave, Past Chairman, Ms. Chandrika Venkatesh, Executive Director, Mr. Srini, Mr. Vish Iyer & Mr. Raghavan Govindan from a strategic management consulting organization and this exercise is under process

5. On 12th February 2021 as advised by CLFMA Technical Expert Committee,

CLFMA Executive Director Ms. Chandrika Venkatesh sent answers on the queries made by Dr. Gagan Garg, Assistant Commissioner on the Government approved Consolidated List of Animal Feed Additives / Supplements for import into India, which was forwarded to DCGI for further necessary action.

6. BIS Meeting dated 17th February 2021 attended by Dr. Prashant Shinde, Cargill.

BIS Conducted a virtual meeting to take its’ opinion from the Expert Panel members from Livestock Sector. Mr. Prashant Shinde, CLFMA Feed Expert and Managing Committee Member from Cargill attended the meeting. The agenda was to discuss the Comments from NDDB on the test methods given in IS 2052: 2009, The discussion was on Vitamin Analysis and Aflatoxin. The current method was not up to the mark, so they debated mainly regarding the analysis of Vitamin D as Vitamin A and B is not a big issue.

There was a Discussions about Urea Analysis as detection was a problem with respect to Zinc Coated urea products. The selection of the best method is under process

For Aflatoxin the TLC Method is changed to PLC Method. Review of A5 standards on Feed ingredients will be done during the next fad 5 meeting.

On 24th February 2021, CLFMA sent representation to Shri. Giriraj Singh, Hon’ble Union Minister of Fisheries, AH&D, Dept of AH&D, New Delhi about vaccination against – H5 N1 (Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus) infections with a request to form a committee to evaluate the merits to allow the vaccination against H5 N1 infection in a larger interest of the farmers and the country. After this the Ministry has accepted to consider this request. We thank our Past Chairman Mr. B. Soundararajan for helping us in this regard.

7. CLFMA has provided 5 years Molasses Export Data in graphical form along with the net weight in Tons from the relevant sources to our CLFMA Member Mr. Pankaj Luhadia, Kissan Agrovet Pvt. Ltd.

I assure you that, the newly appointed CLFMA managing committee shall remain devoted for the welfare and upliftment of our Industry.

With warm regards,
Neeraj Kumar Srivastava
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