Monthly round-up – June - July 2020
Dear CLFMA Members and Industry Colleagues,
We are still facing the impact of Covid 19 and the trouble in smooth operations of our day to day activities.

List of Representations Given by CLFMA to GOI in the month of June and July 2020 as follows:

1. CLFMA is the voice of the Livestock Sector & Members from Poultry Industry is also part of CLFMA. Some of the CLFMA members were facing problems of sampling while importing the consignment. In this connection, on 26th June 2020, we have sent a letter addressing to Shri. G. N. Singh, Joint Secretary (Admin / Trade / GC/PC/IC), Dept. Of AHD&F, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi on the subject sampling of import consignment and requested to ease the sampling procedure while import.

2. CLFMA on the advice of few managing committee members gave a representation to Shri.Giriraj Singh, Hon’ble Minister AHD &F, Dr. Rajeev Ranjan, Secretary Fisheries & Shri. G. N. Singh, Joint Secretary (Admin/Trade/GC/PC/IC) on July2, 2020, requesting for removal of Prawn Feed & Fish Feed in Pellet Form under 5% Customs duty and allow 5% customs duty for imports of Shrimp Larval Feed in all forms., but CLFMA would like to suggest the government to make a duty structure, which will match the prices of our aquaculture farmers at the same time take care of the importers/feed millers also.

3. Mr. S.V.Bhave, Chairman, Mr. Suresh Deora – President – West Zone, Dr. R. S. Masali from Godrej Agrovet & CLFMA Executive Director Ms. Chandrika, CLFMA attended the FAD5-BIS Meeting conducted on July 15, 2020. After which the Representation was forwarded to Smt. Leena Nandan-Secretary Consumer affairs.

Gist of representation given by CLFMA to GOI in this regard :

3.1) Removal of type 3 feed - Type 3 feed is typically manufactured for low yielding dairy cattle. Low yielding population is considerable, especially in drought areas. If type 3 low cost products are removed then cost of feed for low yielding cows will go up and farmer cannot bear this cost. So, by removing type 3 feed quality, we will increase the cost of feeding for low yielding cows.

3.2) Aflatoxins level in cattle feed up to 20 PPB. - Practically, it is very difficult to maintain aflatoxin levels below 20 PPB as majority of raw materials are produced as agriculture by-products. If these materials are bought under aflatoxin conditions then the prices of raw material will go up sharply, eventually it will increase the feed cost. We propose that the aflatoxin level limits should be 50 PPB max.

3.3) We do not have any specifications for aflatoxin levels for fodder and silage, though it is being used in large quantities in daily feeding practices.

3.4) BIS will be charging fees for registration plant wise, brand wise, type wise and on yearly production basis as well. This increment in the manufacturing expenses will get transferred to the feed cost and ultimately farmer will land up in paying more for the feed.

3.5) Manufacturing of feed is continuous process, since packing material comes as C or D class item, the inventory levels of packing materials are always high. With this new act feed millers will have to make new packing materials and old one will be redundant, hence there will be extra cost and more burden on feed industry.

4. Further to our letter dtd 13th February 2020 addressed to Shri. P Rajesh, Scientist – E, Head (Food and Agriculture Department), New Delhi, we have also written a letter to Smt. Leena Nandan, Secretary – Consumer Affairs, New Delhi dtd. 17th July, 2020 requesting for an additional discussion regarding the above issues in the proposed Feed Act before the finalization of Cattle Feed Standards.

5. Further to follow up with earlier letter dtd. 26.06.2020 CLFMA again wrote a letter on 20th July, 2020 addressing to Shri G N Singh, JS (Admin / Trade/GC/IC) on sampling of Import consignments.

6. We have given a representation to Shri. Giriraj Singh, Hon'ble Union Minister of Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, requesting to retain Type-3 Cattle Feed in BIS Standards for the benefit of poor cattle farmers.

7. Again, we got a Notice of the Meeting from BIS, Dr. Anil Kapri (Member Secretary, FAD5) Scientist-D, Food & Agriculture Department, Bureau of Indian Standards, which is already been circulated to all Members. 20th Meeting of Animal Husbandry, Feeds and Equipment Sectional Committee FAD 5, attended by CLFMA Nominees Mr. Suresh Deora – President – West Zone, Dr.R. S. Masali from Godrej Agrovet on 27th July 2020 at 11:00 hrs.

8. Continuous follow up is being done regarding 5th Feed Additive list with the government. The feed additive list is still pending with the government technical committee, and it was conveyed that presently there are no workforce to process our file in Krishi Bhawan.

Also, I would like to solicit your valuable inputs and suggestions to improve further and achieve the newer heights.

With warm regards,
S V Bhave
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