Dear CLFMA members and industry colleagues,
June has been quite a successful month for CLFMA in terms of enhancing our visibility & recognition amongst wider industry stakeholders. Let me highlight a few important aspects from last month.
Stakeholder Outreach

We were able to leverage further mileage from our CFO forum, which provided us an opportunity to step up our outreach and opportunities for interaction with multiple stakeholder groups, such as banks, Venture Capitalists, industry veterans and national level organizations such as NABARD. Through this, we also garnered quiet an extensive media coverage in both business and popular media besides online social media platforms such as Facebook / Twitter. Our social media pages are getting regularly updated and I would encourage you all to follow us on these platforms.

We will be leveraging our newly established networks to further strengthen our position as one of the prominent thought leaders and policy advocacy organizations for animal-agriculture in India.

Representations by CLFMA

Meeting with CDSCO & Customs Authorities

Another successful effort we undertook this month was a positive meeting with the CDSCO & Customs authorities at Chennai. It turned out to be a good opportunity for CLFMA to raise some of the most critical issues in importing feed supplements. A delegation from CLFMA presented our concerns to the authorities and several of those concerns including NOC & burdensome paper work that can be done through online submission of documents were given positive consideration by the authorities.

Further, we have been following up on our long pending demand for exemption of oil seeds and oil meals from GST with the Departments & Ministries concerned. With the support from the Agriculture Ministry, we are driving all our efforts towards the goal of getting exemption for oil seeds & oil meal from GST.

We also responded to the recent notification from FSSAI on the use of meat & bone meal and blood meal emphasizing the socio-economic and environmental sustainability related rationale for using these as necessary ingredients in meat production.

Events Update

60th CLFMA National Symposium

Looking forward, we are also preparing ourselves for the flagship annual event 60th National Symposium. The theme of the symposium is “GenNXT Wave: Bright - People Technologies & Innovations for Indian Livestock Sector”.

We are gearing ourselves to deliver yet another valuable and informative event, which will benefit the entire livestock industry. The key objective of the Symposium is to shed light on the budding young leaders from the next generation, who will be thought leaders & torch bearers for the industry in future.

I am sure you all must have received the information about the symposium and I would like to welcome you all to register at the earliest.

Also, I would like to solicit your valuable inputs and suggestions to make this program a grand success!

Monthly round-up – June 2018
With warm regards,
B. Soundararajan
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