Monthly round-up – March 2020
Dear CLFMA members and industry colleagues,
The month of March 2020, was quite good.

Let me briefly take you through the highlights of CLFMA Activities and what is in store for the next few months as well:

In the mid of this month Coronavirus disease (Covid-19), an infectious disease spread almost all over India and livestock sector suffered a lot. CLFMA helped the Industry step by step to survive with the active help of Government of India. Let me highlight some major updates / activities in the month of March 2020:

4th & 5th March 2020 myself, Mr. Suresh Deora, President- West Zone visited Krishi Bhavan for following up of 5th Feed Additives List. As per government instructions, the said list again was segregated and the Antibiotic and Anticoccidials products were separated from the combined list and two lists were submitted one the combined list excluding Antibiotic and Anticoccidials and a separate list of Antibiotic and Anticoccidials. Once again, the 5th List of Feed Additives was sent to concerned authorities for their approval and hence the delay for getting the approval of the combined 5th Feed Additive List.

On 5th March, CLFMA sent a letter to Shri. Dr. O. P. Chaudhary, JS (NLM), Dept. of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, GOI and all other concerned department including BIS, requesting for an additional discussion on proposed feed act.

CLFMA after Covid 19 pandemic took following necessary steps for survival of Livestock Industry:

After Indian poultry sales have been plunging on rumours spread by social media claiming that, chicken consumption is linked to the spread of Coronavirus, CLFMA sent a note that the Association is very much concerned about the poultry industry and strongly opposes this false propaganda of relating the spread of Corona Virus with the consumption of Chicken.

Top poultry companies in the country said, sales of chicken and eggs have halved over the last few weeks, driven down largely by rumours that linked them to the Corona virus infection.

After that CLFMA Technical Committee head and Poultry Expert, Dr. Ajit Ranade has released a paper in the press stating that there is no connection between the Covid-19 virus spread and chicken consumption. CLFMA circulated this paper released by Dr. Ranade which strongly opposed the false rumor.

Shri. Dr. O. P. Chaudhary, JS (NLM), Dept of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, GOI has released a letter dated March 5, 2020, from the AHD Department, stating that the Corona virus does not spread through chicken consumption. CLFMA circulated the letter received from Shri. Dr. O. P. Chaudhary to all.

CLFMA also supported the statement that Chicken consumption is not related to the spread of Corona Virus and widely circulated the same to all.

On March 11, 2020, CLFMA gave clarification about the query raised by Vijay Thakre, Feed & Fodder Unit (NLM Division), DAHD about proposals from various firms regarding export of Wheat Bran and Rice Bran. These items are in the restricted category of export and require permission for export. CLFMA gave a clarification stating Rice Bran and wheat Bran is used as cattle and fish feed in India and if this product is exported the prices of the same will increase and hence increase the production cost ,especially of the small cattle and fish farmer and thus he will incur loss, hence CLFMA does not recommend the export of the same.

On 16th March, I agreed to be a nominee of the part of the Feed Co-ordination Committee for “Usage of Surplus stock of food grains in poultry sector and dairy sector”, DAHD.

With warm regards,
S V Bhave
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