Dear CLFMA members and industry colleagues,
The month that passed by has been quite eventful and giving CLFMA a new push towards delivering more value for not only the members but entire animal protein sector in India. Let me take you through some of the highlights of May 2018 from CLFMA’s multitude of advocacy efforts and stakeholder engagements.
Policy Advocacy / Representations done by CLFMA

Industry’s requirement for LPAI vaccines

CLMFA representatives met with the Secretary ADF, Mr. Tarun Sridhar and re-iterated the need for immediate action in the case of LPAI in India. We emphasized that the industry has been suffering since last so many years and requested for synergizing the efforts of NIHSAD and RDDLs across the country to evaluate the true impact of the disease. We again strongly made our case to allow LPAI vaccines to be used in poultry sector and we will continue to work towards the goal in close coordination with the stakeholders.

Draft Contract Farming Act

We are pleased to be in the consultative group that is evaluating the draft Contract Farming law and submitted our views and requirements for making it more effective and realistic for enhanced compliance. We suggested the Government should look into the broiler industry’s integration model as it evolved over the last 2 decades and emulate the salient points in the draft law. We are continuing our dialogue to ensure livestock industry’s concerns are addressed.

Stakeholder Engagement - Media

In our pursuit to engage more with wider industry stakeholders, CLFMA had a series of interactions with popular mainstream business media such as Business Line, Times of India, magazines such as Business Today and news agencies (PTI). Our key objective was to sensitize the journalists and reporters about the enormous contributions of the livestock sector in terms of socio-economic development, livelihoods, and employment etc. and how the sector plays a critical role in Rural India’s prosperity.

Events Update

CLFMA represents India’s livestock industry at Feed Additives Asia 2018

In the Feed Additives Asia 2018, Raghavan Sampathkumar, CLFMA’s Executive Director, represented India’s dynamic livestock sector. The forum’s audience consisted of high-level stakeholders involved in the specialty feed ingredients and also animal protein value chain from across the Asian region. Raghavan shared latest trends in meat production, consumption patterns and evolving challenges that the Indian industry is and will be facing, of course, with an air of optimism.

Events Organized by CLFMA

CLFMA CFO Forum - 30 May 2018, Mumbai

We are pleased to announce that our first “CFO Forum” organized in association with NCDEX IPFT, has been a great success. The forum witnessed expert speakers’ offering deeper insights on the prospects and potential of the sector from financial perspective. The participants, more than 40 senior-level professionals and entrepreneurs from various sub-sectors such as poultry, dairy, feed and aquaculture as well as feed additives, appreciated the learnings and valuable advice provided by the expert speakers who shed light on things beyond obvious that are key to the growth and profitability for any business.

CLFMA’s new website -

As we are constantly striving to step up our outreach and external communication efforts, we have completely revamped our earlier website and are currently running the beta version of our new website

We intend to make the website dynamic, relevant and useful for the members and industry audience as well. We would appreciate your valuable suggestions, ideas and feedback in this regard.

Also, I would like to inform that the domain of our emails has changed and henceforth the new domain address for our emails will be “”.

As a proactive industry association, we are cruising ahead in ensuring India’s vibrant livestock sector is seen, heard and recognized at national, regional and global platforms.

I welcome your valuable suggestions and ideas anytime on our initiatives, publications, and events to help us remain focused on delivering value to our members and the entire industry.

With warm regards,
B. Soundararajan
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