Monthly round-up – October 2020
Dear CLFMA members and industry colleagues,
CLFMA through Monthly Round Ups is updating all the activities carried out throughout the month.
Some of the activities of CLFMA for the month of October are listed below:

List of Representation given by CLFMA to GOI in the month of October, 2020

On 11th October, 2020, CLFMA wrote a letter to Dr. O. P. Chaudhary, JS, NLM, GOI. with a request to exempt conversion of Maize / Corn into Ethanol and DDGS.

On 20th October, 2020 CLFMA wrote a letter to Shri. Neeraj Sachdeva, Under Secretary to the GOI, New Delhi on the subject Food Safety and Standards (Amendment) Bill, 2020, Clarification for Section 84A. Also, CLFMA requested to GOI. to recommend for one representative for feed additive / supplement, feed companies to be part of that body.

On 28th October, 2020, CLFMA wrote a letter to Shri. Giriraj Singh, Hon’ble Minister of AHD&F, New Delhi and requested to include the projects, which will be commissioned post the policy announcement for Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund, so that the benefits under the scheme which commences post policy announcement can be passed on to the beneficiaries.

CLFMA Webinar:

CLFMA Webinar on “Livestock Industry Government Funding & Schemes and Banking Products" on Friday 30th October, 2020 at 17:00 hrs.

Objective of the Seminar:

The webinar started with a welcome address by Mr. S. V. Bhave, Chairman, CLFMA OF INDIA, he said that the present livestock business dynamics have changed and it has incurred huge losses due to COVID 19, the businesses were started with very limited resources and too many uncertainties, Also, he stated that in first three months, the market for our produce had virtually vanished and this led to the pressure on our working capital, cash flow, fund flow, thus making it difficult to restart the business again.

He added that, the main objective of the webinar is to enable the stake holders to understand the perspective of the bankers and how the bankers are addressing these problems of the livestock industry., and hence CLFMA thought it prudent to conduct a webinar regarding the same.

Webinar Speakers:

The Speakers of the Webinar were Mr. Nitin Puri, Group President -Food and Agri Strategic Advisory and Research (FASAR), Yes Bank, who presented a Brief Overview of Animal Protein and Feed Industry. Mr. Sunjay Vuppuluri, President - Food and Agri Strategic Advisory and Research (FASAR), Yes Bank presented different incentive schemes for feed and allied sectors, Mr.Bipin Jain, President and Regional Leader South , Agri - Food and Agri Strategic Advisory and Research (FASAR), Yes Bank gave the presentation about Working Capital Management for Feed Industry. The webinar was summarized by Mr. B.S.Yadav, Managing Director , Godrej Agrovet Ltd.

Vote of Thanks was given by CLFMA Secretary Mr. Divya Kumar Gulati.

Webinar Participants:

Around 140 industry stakeholders participated in the webinar.

The webinar was appreciated by all the participants.

Also, I would like to solicit your valuable inputs and suggestions to improve further and achieve the newer heights.

With warm regards,
S V Bhave
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