Monthly Round up October - November 2021

Dear CLFMA Members & Industry Colleagues,

Livestock plays an important role in Indian Economy and to meet the future requirements of the growing population, more push must be given to Dairy, Poultry, Fisheries and to the entire livestock sector, hence, CLFMA is continually taking efforts towards boosting the Livestock Sector in India as well as Internationally.
Let me give you a glimpse of few of the CLFMA’s important activities of last two months:

Representations by CLFMA:

CLFMA submitted comments on wide circulation of FAD 05 (16673); Solvent Extracted un-decorticated sunflower oilcake meal as livestock feed ingredient specification on 22nd and 25th October 2021 addressing to Ms. Nitasha Doger, Member Secretary FAD5. CLFMA requested for the comment to Feed Supplement Committee and Technical Committee, on which Dr. Devender Hooda, Expert–CLFMA-Feed Supplement Committee & Dr. Pradeep Mahajan, Expert CLFMA- Technical Committee commented on the same and CLFMA Secretariat sent the same to BIS.

CLFMA wrote a letter on 29th October 2021 to Shri. Pramod Kumar Tiwari, IAS, Director General (DG), New Delhi, wherein request is being made that CLFMA is interested to organize a webinar in association with BIS to discuss all topics related to Cattle Feed Standards involving all the departments viz. FAD5, Registration, Quality, etc. so that BIS can suggest us the date & program, that will benefit our members.

On 16th November 2021, CLFMA wrote a letter to Shri.Parshottam Rupala, Hon'ble Union Cabinet Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, New Delhi with a request for urgent intervention by Government of India to allow duty free import of the remaining Soybean Meal for Animal feed out of the total approved quantity of 12 Lakh MTs of Soybean Meal for Imports with a copy to Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, Hon'ble MOS for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Shri. Atul Chaturvedi, Secretary (AHD) & Dr. O. P. Chaudhary, Joint Secretary (NLM/PC), Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, New Delhi.

On 18th November 2021 CLFMA wrote a letter to Dr. Sujit K. Dutta, Joint Commissioner NLM, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Chandra Lok Building, Janpath New Delhi to know the status of the quantity of De-Oiled Soya (Crushed and Non-Living) that has been imported to India and the status of the remaining quantity yet to be imported.

On 19th November, 2021 CLFMA wrote a letter to GOI, Dr. Bhagwat Karad, Minister of State – Finance with a request for urgent intervention by Government of India to allow duty free import of the remaining Soybean Meal for Animal feed out of the total approved quantity of 12 Lakh MTs of Soybean Meal for Imports with a copy to Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Balyan, Hon'ble MOS for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, GOI, Shri.Atul Chaturvedi, Secretary (AHD), Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying & Dr.O.P.Chaudhary, Joint Secretary (NLM/PC), Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying. Request is being made to request DGFT to allow Balance Import from the 12 Lakh MT allotted quantity until Shipment of 31st March 2022, which will be Approx. 5.5 Lakh MT. As Approx. 6.5 Lakhs MT has already been imported in the Country. Also, CLFMA requested to Stop trading of Soya Bean Seed on Commodity Exchanges where the speculator is forward trading and manipulating the markets. As these trading platforms do not give any physical delivery but is a tool for speculators to manipulate the markets and requested to ensure stock limit for all the Warehouses and Stock locations in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh., To report their stocks daily and weekly to authorities as this was asked by the Hon’ble Ministry of Food and Public Distribution, Govt. of India. However, the Stockists’ lobby at various States have deferred this, which is resulting into the price surge.


On behalf of CLFMA, Mr. Suresh Deora, Hon. Secretary & Dr. Somu Kumar Ambat, Founder and CEO of Sapience Agribusiness Consulting attended the CII-Virtual Round table Session on Food Safety, AMR, and Sustainability in the Animal Origin Food Value Chain on 22nd October 2021. The overall objective of the Roundtable and Technical Session was to strengthen consumer awareness on health aspect while deciding their food, with emphasis on the quality of nutrition for mankind, understand how animal production industry is supporting this cause to ensure quality food, create emphasis on importance of better practices on animal farming and feeding, how it affects human food value chain, how can a consumer influence this, what role government and industry can play in this regard, sensitize industry on sustainable healthy animal farming depicting importance and benefits of adopting novel technologies like usage of amino acids, probiotics, organic acids, phytochemicals and others instead of antibiotics, concepts like low protein diet, artificial intelligence – machine learning and IoT in animal production, food processing, facilitate stakeholders in enforcement of the policy framework, in restricting usage of antibiotics and unsafe process in animal production, production of safer and hygienic animal products, ensuring compliance to the policies by all stakeholders to ensure reduction in usage of scarce natural resources and others.

On behalf of CLFMA, Mr. Suresh Deora, Hon. Secretary attended morning session & Executive Director, Ms. Chandrika Venkatesh attended afternoon session of the 22th Meeting of FAD 05-Animal Husbandry, Feeds and Equipment Sectional Committee Meeting on 29th October 2021 at 10:00am on the subject BIS on IS 2052:2009 Compounded Feeds for Cattle – Specification (Fourth Revision).

On 29th October 2021, Ms. Chandrika Venkatesh, Executive Director as required by BIS, again forwarded the comments for ISO/TC/34/SC10_N 1753: NWIP on revision of ISO 7088 :1981 Fish Meal – Vocabulary.

CLFMA OF INDIA & Government of Canada, High Commission of Canada, New Delhi had a meeting on November 24,2021 at CLFMA of India, Mumbai Office. Government of Canada, High Commission of Canada, New Delhi, Mr. Nitin Verma, Counsellor - Agriculture, Agriculture and Agri – Food Canada (AAFC), High Commission of Canada, New Delhi, Dr.Mwate Mulenga, Counsellor Agriculture & Regulatory Specialist, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), High Commission of Canada, New Delhi, Mr. Akhil Choudhary, Trade Commissioner, Agriculture and Agri – Food Canada (AAFC), High Commission of Canada, New Delhi, Mr. Prasad Patil, Trade Commissioner Assistant, Consulate General of Canada, Mumbai, Mr. Victor Lee, Managing Director, Saskatchewan India Office Counsellor (Commercial), High Commission of Canada, New Delhi. From CLFMA Suresh Deora, Hon. Secretary, CLFMA welcome the delegation with bouquet and explained in detail the role of CLFMA towards the development of the Livestock Sector. CLFMA Executive Director Chandrika Venkatesh gave presentation about CLFMA 3600 Perspective & Way Forward. The Delegations, High Commission of CANADA on behalf of the Govt of CANADA, New Delhi discussed about ways and means of associating with CLFMA. They expressed interest to participate in the CLFMA’s scheduled Webinar on 27th November 2021 on the topic “Current Soybean Outlook & Future Opportunities”. They wanted to promote the “Krill Meal” among our members and want to give an article write up for our LFT. After the receipt of the article, it will be published after approval of the CLFMA Technical Committee. They wanted to virtually participate in our Technical Aqua Seminar proposed to be conducted during February 2022 in Vijayawada / Bhimavaram, in which they need a speaking slot to promote Krill Meal and also wanted to promote GM Canola Meal. They want to partner with CLFMA to promote Krill Meal and Canola Meal & are coming up with a white paper regarding Canola Meal. The Meeting was concluded with Vote of Thanks by Mr. Suresh Deora, Hon. Secretary, CLFMA OF INDIA .

Events Update:

CLFMA OF INDIA successfully conducted 54thAnnual General Meeting (AGM) and 62nd National Symposium 2021 in a grand manner in the Month of September i.e., on 24th and 25th September 2021. CLFMA’s efforts were acknowledged by all. CLFMA circulated a press note to all. CLFMA Symposium Presentations and Video uploads are available on CLFMA website: for your ready reference.

CLFMA OF INDIA celebrated World Egg Day 2021 on 8th October 2021. CLFMA was a supporting Association of IPEMA for World Egg Day, 2021. Also, CLFMA OF INDIA in association with Indian Red Cross Society – Mumbai celebrated World Egg Day on the same day at Adams Wylie Physio Rehab Centre, Mumbai, from CLFMA, Hon. Secretary Mr. Suresh Deora along with Executive Director Ms. Chandrika Venkatesh and staff distributed eggs to all the Doctors and patients. CLFMA also sponsored eggs to Bombay Veterinary College, Department of Poultry Science, Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University, CLFMA Technical Head Dr. A. S. Ranade distributed the eggs and celebrated the World Egg Day 2021 and created the awareness and importance of Eggs, which is obviously a cheap and healthy source of protein for us.

CLFMA supported and participated in Feed Tech Expo 2021 (Digital / Virtual Event) catering to Animal Feed Industry, which was organized with the support of industry peers, Benison Media and Jordbrukare India and sponsored by Kemin Industries from 26th to 29th October 2021 successfully. The 4-day Online exhibition along with 9 Live events discussing important topics like Changing Livestock Policies, Demand scenario of Indian Feed Industry, Alternate raw materials, Reimagining Marketing, Dairy Farm profitability in 2021 and others involved various stakeholders from Feed and Dairy Sector. Keynote Address delivered by Mr. Neeraj Kumar Srivastava, Chairman of CLFMA OF INDIA. CLFMA had its virtual Stall No. F0018, where almost 49 visitors visited CLFMA Stall. The event was registered by 2000+ registrants. Going ahead the Company has announced the next hybrid edition of FEED TECH EXPO & DAIRY INDUSTRY EXPO on 3-4-5 February 2022 at Kingston Event Centre.

CLFMA OF INDIA Organized Virtual Webinar on “Current Soybean Outlook and Future Opportunities” on 27th November 2021. Ms. Chandrika Venkatesh, Executive Director of CLFMA OF INDIA, on behalf of CLFMA of India, moderated the Webinar on “Current Soybean Outlook and Future Opportunities” very well. CLFMA Chairman Mr. Neeraj Kumar Srivastava delivered Welcome Address. He said that the Objective of Webinar was how to educate most of the people and the members of the CLFMA, who are there and making the Associations to make aware what is the current soyabean meal situation, what we are doing, and why this situation has arisen, what would be the future options and how we can see that in few months in coming years for Soyabean meal to our industry. He introduced Dr. Vibha Ahuja and Ms. Prerana Desai, who are very eminent speakers, masters, and their knowledge in the webinar subject too good. Dr. Vibha Ahuja, Chief General Manager, Biotech Consortium India Limited delivered a presentation on the topic “Use of GM crops and derivatives for animal feed: Status and opportunities”. She has highlighted on GM Crops; India is having low productivity due to less usage of advance technology however in overseas country they are using latest technologies and due to high productivity, their prices are also on the lower side. The Second Speaker Ms. Prerana Desai, Head of Research, Samunnati Agri delivered a presentation on the topic “Outlook of Soybean for the Current & Future Opportunities” wherein she has covered Overall Country’s Rainfall status. She has also highlighted the status of Soybean Output, which is being seen sharply higher by 16% on year to 110 Lakh Tons (SamAgr Survey). There were Q&A Session in the Webinar, both speakers satisfactorily answered all the questions raised by Members / Participants of CLFMA. A Webinar ended with Vote of Thanks, which was delivered by Mr. Suresh Deora, Hon. Secretary of CLFMA OF INDIA, who summarized the Webinar very well. Even though the webinar was announced in a short period of time by CLFMA, almost 100 registered for the Webinar and 82 participants attended CLFMA Webinar.

Stakeholder Outreach:

IFIF, Germany acknowledged the thank you letter of CLFMA and thanked personally CLFMA OF INDIA’s Board and Team by sending letter dtd.8th October 2021. Mr. Ruud Tijssens is the present Chairman, IFIF mentioned that CLFMA is their important and long-standing member of IFIF and invited Mr. Neeraj Kumar Srivastava, Chairman to join their 35th IFIF General Assembly at Rome sometime during October 2022.

We have planned Aqua, Dairy and Poultry Webinars in coming months, which will be intimated to all by CLFMA Secretariat from time to time, so that, the members are able to leverage further mileage from Webinars, which is an opportunity for us to step up our outreach and opportunities for interaction with multiple stakeholders, Industry Veterans, National level organizations, Government Officials, etc.

Media Coverage:

We also garnered extensive media coverage in both business and popular media besides online social media platforms for our 62nd National Symposium 2021 and other CLFMA Activities.

As this is the time for CLFMA to review its mandates and deliverables, we are constantly working on improving our organizational effectiveness and are striving hard to redefine ourselves. Further, I would like to solicit your valuable inputs and suggestions to improve further and achieve the newer heights.

With warm regards,
Neeraj Kumar Srivastava
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