Dear CLFMA members,
I am pleased to release the first monthly round-up of 2018 and share with you CLFMA’s updates from the month of January. 2018 has kicked off to a good start and we can feel the air is filled with optimism for the entire livestock industry. CLFMA also had a busy month working on multiple issues with the government and also other stakeholders.
Mr. B. Soundararajan
(Chairman, CLFMA)
Policy Updates

Draft Model Contract Farming Act

Recently, the Government released the draft of the Model Contract Farming act that would be impacting the agriculture and livestock sectors in a significant way. From the industry’s perspective, we are studying the acts and the specific provisions therein carefully to represent our concerns and suggestions appropriately. We are keeping our eyes and ears open on this issue and I will be updating you all about the progress in this regard very soon.
In the last few weeks, the soymeal prices in India shot through the roof and crossed Rs. 37 a kg, which is affecting the entire animal protein sector. As our industry is the major consumer of soymeal, we are closely following the issue to raise the issue with the appropriate authorities for timely intervention. CLFMA will leave no stones unturned to ensure our industry to get raw materials available at affordable costs.

Surging soymeal prices

Stakeholder Engagement

Felicitating the renowned agri scientist – “Yerarignar” Dr. M. S. Swamainathan

CLFMA had the pleasure and privilege to honour the visionary scientist and the father of India’s Green Revolution, Dr. M. S. Swaminathan, at his research facility (MSSRF) in Chennai recently. It was a brief but useful interaction with our Executive Director, wherein the World Food Prize winner and the scientist who was behind the unimaginable feat of saving a billion people from hunger death, shared some of his ideas for the benefit of the livestock industry.
IFIF (International Feed Industry Federation) Veterinary Universities
CLFMA of India is now actively getting engaged with international organizations such as IFIF (International Feed Industry Federation). As one of the members, we are contributing to the global dialogue on key current issues such as “Anti-Microbial Resistance” and also in the Working Group on Nutritional Innovations. These inputs are being deliberated at various forums including the “International Feed Regulators Meeting (IFRM)” at Atlanta last week. We recognize academia and research institutes across India as important stakeholders. Hence, in order to build our network and reach, we recently had discussions with several reputed veterinary universities related to poultry, dairy and fisheries/aqua sectors. We are also looking to leverage synergies in terms of policy advocacy and research initiatives that would benefit the industry now and in future particularly in terms of skill building and knowledge dissemination.
Publications update
CLFMA is happy to release its latest industry survey report which contains detailed sector-wise data and analysis of the current and future trends. With wealth of information on animal population, feed production and also on emerging concepts such as animal nutrition, I am confident that the report will be a useful resource for those who are connected to the sector.

While our members will get a complimentary copy of the report, it is also available for non-members at a cost of Rs. 3000. I encourage everyone to share your thoughts and feedback on the report as well as other publications from CLFMA.

Events updates ...
With warm regards,
B. Soundararajan
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