Dear CLFMA members,
2017 has come to an end and there could not have been any better time for CLFMA that we celebrated our Golden Jubilee this year. In retrospect, the year was quite exciting for our industry and challenging as well particularly in the policy and regulatory fronts such as GST. Let me share a brief account of the highlights of CLFMA’s activities in December.
Mr. B. Soundararajan
(Chairman, CLFMA)
Policy Updates – CLFMA representations

GST on oil seeds and oil meals

We continued our persistent efforts to push the industry’s concerns forward with the Ministry of Agriculture and key senior officials at the Ministry of Finance through constant follow up. We strongly believe our relentless efforts to bear fruition in the near future as we are able to articulate the multi-dimensional impacts of taxing oil seeds and oil meals that are most essential ingredients for manufacturing feed. I would be updating you as and when we see progress in this front.
Ahead of the Union Budget 2018-19, we have submitted our formal representation voicing the concerns and demands from our industry that are to be addressed on priority. a 360 degree view of the animal protein value chain and wishes to highlight issues related to raw materials for feed manufacturing - taxation, transportation & freight costs; incentivizing meat exports; protecting the domestic industry from predatory imports; and fostering technology-led growth to drive the flagship “Make in India” initiative in India’s livestock sector.

Union budget 2018 – 19: Pre-budget representation

FSSAI draft regulation on antibiotics residues in meat

While pitching for judicious use of antibiotics, CLFMA submitted the industry’s views on FSSAI’s draft regulation on residue levels of antibiotics in meat products. Since this issue gained momentum in the recent months and has the potential to impact the entire livestock, we took a holistic and proactive view in our submission to ensure the industry continues to have options for effective disease prevention and control. Further, CLFMA is looking to approach renowned experts in the veterinary and animal sciences field and other associations such as INFAH for drafting a position paper on antibiotics usage in livestock industry.
I am writing to remind you to complete a short survey to provide your valuable feedback on CLFMA’s activities and to let us know your views on what the organization must be focusing on to take the industry to the next level.

Short Survey

Stakeholder Engagement As a member, we participated in the IFIF Regulatory Committee discussions and shared our perspectives and updates from India. These were appreciated by the global task force on AMR (Anti-Microbial Resistance) and will be taken forward for deliberation during the forthcoming IFRM (International Feed Regulators Meeting) at Atlanta in January 2018.
As this is the time for CLFMA to review its mandates and deliverables, we are constantly working on improving internal organizational effectiveness and are striving to redefine ourselves. We have given our flagship publication – Livestock and Feed Trends – a completely new look and feel and made it content rich to cater to our diverse audience. I would like to solicit your feedback and comments on the new issue.
On behalf the Board, I wish all our members a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018!
With warm regards,
B. Soundararajan
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