Vision, Mission & Objective

A. To help the promotion of overall Animal Husbandry among people at large through educational, instructive and other programmes and projects and / or by any other mean(s) s may be ound suitable or desirable by the Managing Committee of CLFMA from time to time.

B. For attaining the above objectives CLFMA shall persevere

  • To promote the concept of nutritionally balanced livestock feed as an imperative requisite of Animal Husbandry Development on scientific lines, and accordingly to help the increased production and usage of nutritionally balanced compound livestock feed.
  • To promote and organize, scientific research calculated and designed to advance the industry, i.e. manufacture, trade and commerce of compond livestock feed.
  • To foster and encourage the exchange of information relating to the livestock industry.
  • To formulate constructive policies and sound business principles for bringing about over all animal husbandry growth in general and development of livestock industry in particular.
  • To take steps for the removal of obstacles to the healthy progress of the industry by making collective representation to the Central and State Governments or any other authority concerned, and to submit suggestions and requests to the bodies concerned on all matters pertaining to the industry in general and members of CLFMA in particular.
  • To collect, classify and circulate statistical and other information relating to the industry among members or the public, at large, in order to highlight the progress and prospects for the growth and development of animal husbandry and its promotion.
  • To impart training to livestock farmers, animal feed mill personnel, veterinarians, scientists and students of animal nutrition and any other veterinary aspect, in the feed milling, administrative, and marketing aspect, in various areas of production, purchase of various inputs, formulation, sales and marketing, finance and/or any other area connected with Livestock production.
  • To sponsor/co-sponsor any survey(s) and or study (studies) on aspects related to the above mentioned objectives and / or those related to animal feeds / animal production and / or animal husbandry promotion including all or any of the input industry, including consultancy services.
  • To do all such other things which are incidental or ancillary to these objecties and all those which are necessary or desirable for bringing about the above objectives and for the welfare and progress of the industry in general and CLFMA members in particular.mbers in particular.